Ricki Covette: Glamazon @ 6’8″ Tallest #Burlesque Stripper #vintage #photos

Burlesque Babes presents all 6′ 8″ of the lovely Ricki Covette.

  • Jewell was born Irene Siewert in 1925. [Source: See newspaper article below]
  • Born in Canada, she was a top act in the Burlesque world, circa1950s and 1960s.
  • She had a small part in Seed of Innocence (1981) – she played a stripper – surprise!
  • After quitting stripping (“cold turkey” as she stated), Ricki did some TV commercials and performed in some legitimate theater road show casts. [Source
  • When she did leave show business, she transitioned into real estate and found success there.
    “My work ethic followed me,” Jewell said.
    Her stage life far behind her, Jewell now spends her time managing the legacy of her late partner, noted nature photographer Stuart Jewell.
She played GYMNASIA in the 1964 touring production of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

Here she’s in the book by A. W. Stencell, GIRL SHOW: Into the Canvas World of Bump and Grind, where she says about herself that she was a church-going prude.
Read a fun mini-tribute on Vintage Sleaze (decidedly NOT a sleazy website!)

Ricki is pictured in this ebook “Dames of Burlesque“.

Where’s Ricki Now?

Ricki was still with us in 2010 when she was seen in the documentary Behind the Burly-Q
In 2013, a Burly-Q fan posted some pix of Ricky on facebook, and one person commented the Ricki is her Aunt, and that she had shared the post with Ricki. [Source] 

Updated 2/2015:
And now here’s a Dec. 2014 article in the The Daily Pilot that tells us Irene Jewell, aka Ricki Covette, is alive and well, at 89, in Costa Mesa, California. [Link]

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