Miss White Fury and Her Twin 44s ~ Vintage Burlesque Stripper Photos

Miss White Fury and Her Twin 44s ~ aka Patti Kelly / Patti Moses

Miss White Fury ~ tassel twirling was her specialty!



Miss White Fury— aka Patti Kelly, but she was usually billed as “Miss White Fury and her Twin 44’s.” Her parents, Rusty and Dusty Farnham worked in Vaudeville and early radio. “Miss White Fury” performed all over the country in theaters and clubs from 1953 to 1983. Coralie Jr. was her agent, and tassel twirling was her specialty.”

  • See her today: Miss White Fury appears in the new Burlesque history documentary film Behind the Burly Q.
Interviewees include: “White Fury – who painted herself with buckets of paint and lit her tassels on fire.” [Source]
Miss White Fury, camera shy Blaze Starr (Governor Earl Long’s mistress) and Tempest Storm (“Teaserama.” 1955 with Bettie Page) contribute poignant stories of life on the road. Economic hardships of the depression motivated many of these performance pioneers, in an era  before Woman’s Lib.” [Source]
White Fury, The Girl With the Twin .44s” did a flaming tassel dance that, in one ill-starred rehearsal, burned off her eyebrows. [Source]
  • See more promo photos on the Burleskateer blog, where the author tells us Miss White Fury was also known as Patti Moses.

There She Is — On the Cover!

She’s profiled in, and on the cover of, Jane Briggeman’s Burlesque: A Living History [Amazon]
I remember, in the late 50s, all those burlesque joints down there. Big neon signs “Appearing Now! White Fury and Her Twin 44s!” And there’s a twenty foot high cardboard blonde with huge breasts staring down at you. — Tom Russell