True Story ~ 1960s #Burlesque Queen Tammi True Still Workin’ It!

Tammi True 1960’s Promo Photo and Ad
(Google image search pix.)

A living legend: Tammi True. Her real name is Nancy Myers. She performed back in the 1960’s, and worked in Dallas Texas at Jack Ruby’s club.

1963 video clip of Tammi True performing – link.

She was a part of not just burlesque history, but also Texas’ and America’s history. As she worked for Jack Ruby at his nightclub, she also had to go to Washington DC to speak to the investigating committee after John Kennedy’s killer was killed by Ruby.

[Image Source: Dallas Observer]

Tammi saw the demise of the old Burlesque world, but she’s around to enjoy the renewed interest in Burlesque, and even participating in it. And looking great while doing it!

Tammie True was the subject of some interviews and articles, which led to her attending some modern Burlesque events, more press and appearances, even a documentary film titled TRUE TALES.

And now she’s got a website –

Tammy True’s TRUE STUFF website.

And a book – 
The Wild and Wayward Tales of Tammi True [Amazon] [Author]

Here are a few of the many interview links, and some more screen shot photos.

  1. Dallas News 2013 interview – link.
  2. 2011 article in D Magazinelink
  3. Recent event video – link.
  4. Her Ruby revue page – link.

“In the 1960s, Nancy Myers, better known as Tammi True, headlined at the Carousel Club, the striptease venue owned by Jack Ruby. Throughout her career as a burlesque dancer, she performed in several downtown Dallas clubs and traveled the country with her routine. They called her Miss Excitement.”

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