#Burlesque Babe Brenda Hollis ~ The Golden Girl 1959

Today’s Vintage Burlesque Babe is the lovely Brenda Hollis 

  • Her early promo pix have the tagline ‘The Golden Girl’ (which was also used by other babes).
  • She had a photo spread in the July 1959 Modern MAN Magazine.

1960’s record album cover: COLOR ME RED HOT by Brenda Hollis

I found Brenda’s record after a nice reader sent in their memories:

“Brenda Hollis was originally named Audrey Ernst. She was the runner up for Miss Cincinnati losing out to a woman who became a famous actress. She considered her dancing “exotic dancing” and believed in the art of anticipation and the tease. She was a wonderful singer who sang with Artie Shaw. She sewed all her own costumes. The costumes were labor intensive – each sequin was sewn on by hand. She was a lifelong searcher re: Life. She lived to her 90’s and died in San Antonio with her son Robert Horton by her side. She was dramatic and always traveled in a whirlwind ( I remember her playing in Miami Beach, Las Vegas – the Stardust and others.) She wore high heels to the beach!”

I could not find any bio/history or other online references to any vintage Burlesque stripper named Brenda Hollis, so if you have any info, memories, or stories to share, please email me. Thanks!

One thought on “#Burlesque Babe Brenda Hollis ~ The Golden Girl 1959

  1. Yes I have several vintage pictures postcards and letters of Brenda Hollis from the 1950s I’m interested in selling them if interested please contact me


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