#Burlesque Babe Brenda Hollis ~ The Golden Girl 1959

Today’s Vintage Burlesque Babe is the lovely Brenda Hollis 

  • Her early promo pix have the tagline ‘The Golden Girl’ (which was also used by other babes).
  • She had a photo spread in the July 1959 Modern MAN Magazine.

1960’s record album cover: COLOR ME RED HOT by Brenda Hollis

I found Brenda’s record after a nice reader sent in their memories:

“Brenda Hollis was originally named Audrey Ernst. She was the runner up for Miss Cincinnati losing out to a woman who became a famous actress. She considered her dancing “exotic dancing” and believed in the art of anticipation and the tease. She was a wonderful singer who sang with Artie Shaw. She sewed all her own costumes. The costumes were labor intensive – each sequin was sewn on by hand. She was a lifelong searcher re: Life. She lived to her 90’s and died in San Antonio with her son Robert Horton by her side. She was dramatic and always traveled in a whirlwind ( I remember her playing in Miami Beach, Las Vegas – the Stardust and others.) She wore high heels to the beach!”

I could not find any bio/history or other online references to any vintage Burlesque stripper named Brenda Hollis, so if you have any info, memories, or stories to share, please email me. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “#Burlesque Babe Brenda Hollis ~ The Golden Girl 1959

  1. Yes I have several vintage pictures postcards and letters of Brenda Hollis from the 1950s I’m interested in selling them if interested please contact me


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